quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

He told me

I think my imagination has had far too much time to become so specific in designing what my heart wants, I’m scared reality is just never going to compare.
I want something to pull me out of myself... I want fireworks, and butterflies and magnetism. you forgot?
I don't. And I remember the best feeling of all this, and the worst. I can tell you both. It's funny, they both hurt... one, because it's over .. and another because it can happen.
The way we met wasn’t glamorous or romantic like you read in books, but the way things were going made me believe that you were my love. The look, the touch.
Miss those.

Some people search what doesn't exist in others, and we always think "but they are so happy".. I know. I saw it, I did it.
The fact is, is never what it seems, and if so, they are made for each other.
We've been looking for something new, something more. Passion makes us more happy, beautiful, active, willing to do things.
We've been looking for passion, and if the passion dies, we get used to, or go after more.

Sometimes we say: I never felt that... is it really true?
I won't believe... if you say yes.
He say... "I never felt that... you are amazing, and the most beautiful woman I ever met, and you have a beautiful smile and hair, a designed body, a perfect kiss, skin. And if you want me, I'll do everything to make you happy, because I'll be the happiest man in the world... until you decide, I will be what you want, your lover, friend. I will wait for you. But don't leave me waiting too long, because I want you more than anything".

Marry the man who told you that... SE depois de um tempo quando ele não se lembrar de tudo que ele disse... mas você simplesmente sentir, que tudo era verdade.

I don't know what to think anymore.
And I hope you mean everything you say. You keep saying these wonderful things that make me so happy...
Words you've said so many times, Not just for me.

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Anônimo disse...

não tenho dúvidas de que você já ouviu isso...
e não tenho que muitos queriam te dizer isso.