quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015

I'm saying GOODBYE

We need to say goodbye to things that doesn't make us feel good. Giving up doesn't mean weakness, intolerance or something bad. Sometimes I give up because I'm tired to trip and fall...
We're tired of feel so small, always with doubts, swallowing our pride.

But there is nothing as painful to give up of something that you fought so much time for... however, is also extremely painful to know that you fought for something that is not worth IT.

We always have fellings that used to be something but suddenly means nothing.

Take chances, avalalie, follow your intuition and get out if hurts you.

Even if you are one who claims to be. I'm telling you goodbye,

and I'm sorry... there isn't one thing left you could say...

cuz is to late already.

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