domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012


In every corner i see you...
Who ever said it would be easy?

I carry a picture in my pocket.
Wherever I go I have you with me... I have TO LET GO, guess anyone can see...

That it's breaking me, To carry this weight in my chest...
I'm kept in a state of unrest.
Ridden with guilt, if i throw this away
Will the MEMORIES fade?

No one ever said it would be easy
And there is never a right time.
Always something we wish we'd said,
But somehow it's always TOO LATE.
No doubt, we thought it could wait
Just a little LONGER, just until tomorrow.

If i let go now, Will I remember how it felt
To always have you with me.
Even i'm beginning to see...

Don't mean to let you down
But iIhave to let go now.
Won't let the memories fade away.

Atlas Losing Grip. (L)

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